Works on paper

The graphic work of Tomás Sánchez has coexisted in time and space with his painting, taking into account two key thematic lines: expressionism and landscape. Among his expressionist printmaking we have the portrait series and the Christs that show the dramatic influence of German expressionism or Sánchez’s teacher, Antonia Eiriz, while the everyday scenes allow us to see a more ironic Sánchez invested in a representation of the daily values of the capital's suburban neighborhoods: scenes in which the grotesque is tempered by a sophisticated sense of humor. Some of these works are the preamble of Sánchez’s landscapes, as they show the artist’s initial flirt with the genre. In this series, the color has much more power than in the landscape prints, where the frequent use of monochrome provides a calmer content. Sánchez’s graphic work has been influenced by great masters of European engraving such as Bosch, Goya, Kirchner, Schiele, Grünewald or Brueghel the Elder. Among the printmaking techniques he frequently uses are etching, silkscreen and especially lithography, which is one of the techniques in which he has developed more consistently his potential as a draftsman and which has made him one of the masters of Cuban printmaking.